We’re Not Building Box Forts….We’re Working!

At Expressions, any day of the year can feel like Christmas!  Boxes are coming in almost daily, and we are unpacking, pricing, and putting new things out in the store every day.  So when you drop by and see the boxes stacked up, we’re not building a fort…..we’re working!

We’d like to share some fun new finds that have just arrived.

Concrete Pumpkins – these babies aren’t going to blow off your front porch!

Recycled Wooden Deer Head

Grainsack Tin Frames

Dried Wheat Wreath – won’t be long and your peppy green wreath will need to fade into fall!


Edison Bulbs are always fun, and we’ve got a nice variety to pick from!

Fun new pots & vases, of all shapes, sizes, and colors!

And it always happens…..we receive Christmas décor on some of the hottest days of summer!  While you may not quite be ready for Christmas, we’ve been working on it for months, and we have some extra special pieces that will give your holidays a fresh new look.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorites!

Red Vintage Tin Truck – ready to fill the truck bed with seasonal décor, or use it as a planter!

Tin Holiday Buckets – so many fun uses for these!

Wine Barrel Trays – great year ‘round!

 So come in a browse around our store!  We’re expecting you!!


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