Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

And just like that, the holiday season is upon us once again! While we have been preparing for Christmas since July, it’s probably just on your horizon. At Expressions we make an effort to ensure that we have something on hand for every style. We currently have eight decorated trees around the store, each tree with a different general theme. We wanted to give our customers a look at how we go about decorating trees. 

Your tree has just been pulled out of storage, but now what? When our trees come out of storage each year we spend time adjusting and fluffing the branches to fill in any gaps.

  1. After we are finished adjusting we add our lights to the tree.
  2. Ribbon is a great way to step your tree up a notch. We have found that it works best to start your way at the top of the tree and work your way down, tucking some sections in deeper into the tree. 
  3. Once we have added in our ribbon we like to add in stems. We typically add a few to the top first to draw your eye up and add a little flair to the tree. From there we like to distribute the rest of them around the tree, filling in any gaps or holes.
  4. Now it’s just a matter of adding your ornaments. Make sure to tuck a few ornaments in deeper, to add dimension.

Is your tree lacking any of these items? Stop in soon and we will help you EXPRESS your style this holiday season.

CLICK HERE to take a peek at a video of our employees putting together a gorgeous Woodland themed tree.  Then head to Expressions Floral & Home Decor for even more inspiration, and most important, enjoy the holiday season!

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