Outdoor Pots: Transform End of Summer Drab to Holiday Fab!

Our region experienced our first freeze for the season a few days ago. If your outdoor planters look anything like ours, they are probably looking pretty sad. We have a few simple ideas of how you can revive your planters for the fall and winter season!

Our first recommendation is that you leave the dirt in the planter. This makes a great anchor to stick your materials into. The dirt also acts like a glue, holding the materials in place after a hard freeze.

Here are a few materials that will transition your planters into fall/winter:

  • Evergreen (fresh & artificial)
  • Large Pine Cones
  • Berry Stems
  • Birch Logs
  • Ribbon

Evergreen is commonly associated with winter and it’s for a very obvious reason. It’s long-lasting, and dare I say a bit magical when snow lands on it. Add in a few large pine cones, and mix fresh with artificial by adding berry stems for a pop of color. Birch logs work great if you are looking to add height. If you are still feeling inspired, pick out burlap or one of your favorite large ribbons to embellish with.

DESIGNER HINT: Tuck Christmas lights down low, near the dirt, to reflect upward onto the materials to finish off the look. 

It’s as simple as that! The best part of it all? We have all of those materials at our store, including fresh evergreen!

Even better…..we’ve planned an event to help you mix up a great holiday look for your outdoor pots. Here are all the details for our Mix & Mingle event, November 1-4:

  • Bring in your pots (with the dirt still in them if possible) and together we’ll get them holiday ready.
    • Your planters aren’t mobile?  No problem. Measure them or bring a photo along.
    • Need a new pot?  We’ve got a great selection, and you’ll get 25% OFF!
  • 25% OFF all holiday stems and fresh or faux evergreen and anything else used in your pots

So grab your friends and let’s have some fun!  Our help & expertise is FREE, and fun with friends….PRICELESS!

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