Cozy Up For The Cold

The Christmas season has wrapped up and it’s time to refresh our decor. For many, it can be hard to know where to go next! But in reality, transitioning your Christmas decor to winter doesn’t have to be that hard. This month’s blog is focused on few tips that are sure to help you transition into a new season.

First, if you are a traditional Christmas decorator, remove your basic Christmas reds and greens from your decor. Pack away anything that screams Christmas. Feel free to leave your whites, or add in more if necessary. White helps clean everything up, yet still leaves room for the comfy, cozy feel. Anything neutral and metallic can be easily transitioned into winter, so don’t be quick to pack away everything.

While you will want to pack trees and Christmas stems away, pinecones are free to stay out. Pinecones work great as a filler in your glassware, while maintaining a woodsy winter feel. We have found that succulents work great to fill in spaces that once held Christmas stems. Succulents will feel fresh in your living space and their subtle color will give life. We have a wide variety of succulents in store!

Next, you will want to clean up your tablescape. Stop in to switch out to a more neutral table runner. White and clear glassware with candles and fresh stems provide a clean, fresh feel to your table.

Switching out your textiles is another great way to transition your home to winter. Change your seasonal pillows over to neutrals. A fun way to add a cozy touch is adding a new throw blanket in. We are loving the fur throws that are currently trending.

Now, if you really want to go big, try updating paint colors. This certainly isn’t something you do every season, but it might be the best way to give your space a facelift! We are proud to carry Benjamin Moore paint. Stop by the store to pick up a paint deck, and we will send you on your way to updating your living space.

As always, we are happy to help you pick out the perfect pieces for your space – that’s what we’re here for!  So let’s get started making your home a cozy place to ride out the cold temps!







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