Amp Up Your Gallery Wall

A growing trend in the design world is decorating a gallery wall with art.  We love the way it gives purpose to prints that you might have laying around. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

Pull together all of your favorite prints! Different shapes, sizes, and textures make for a better gallery wall. When we create gallery walls we like to lay out all the pieces we want to use on the ground. Doing this allows you to check the composition of your prints before putting a nail in the wall.

Here are a few examples of prints that we currently have in stock:

Side note:  We like to make gallery walls more interesting by working different pieces of decor in as pictured below. The letter “G” and the hanging planters bring more dimension to this particular wall.

Once you have the prints laid out in a way that pleases you, you can begin the hanging process. Some people have a little more patience and prefer to lay the prints on white paper, trace them, and then attach the white paper onto the wall. From there you would hang your prints where you traced them. Once you are done, the white paper can be torn down. But, you can also pick a print and start building around it. Typically prints look best if they are hung three or more inches apart.

If all of this seems just too overwhelming for you, then you might like the idea of gallery shelving. Not only does gallery shelving cut down on nail holes, but it also allows you to switch out artwork much easier. We like to mix personal framed photos in with the prints. Once you have your prints accounted for you can start by layering them on the shelves. Again, different shapes, sizes, and textures work best when layering!

At Expressions, we offer custom gallery shelving, and we have a wide array of unique prints and frames that will get you on your way to creating a stunning gallery wall in your home. We’d be happy to help you, so stop into Expressions Floral & Home Décor and we’ll tackle the project together!























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